“I've been working with Louise closely for many years now. She is an incredibly intuitive healer and has helped me (often in a crisis too) with a variety of health issues. Louise is the one I turn to when I need some serious guidance in my life - I trust her implicitly."


"I have had a variety of healing and counselling sessions from Louise and I feel that she is a very capable and trustworthy therapist. She skilfully weaves Intuitive gifts and healing into her trained work providing a unique effective sessions. She has been a great source of support and advice, working from the heart. I’ve come to regard her very highly."


"I am very happy to count Louise as a mentor, teacher and, more importantly, friend. She has so much information and so many accreditations it is dizzying.  She helps us become the best we can be. She can point us in the right direction and she will let you do the work if it's for your highest good or she can intervene with her guides and helpers, so many fabulous helpers. She is a healer, empath, teacher, mentor, rock, psychic, seer and she is oh so humble. She will follow the almost invisible trail and she sees, feels, knows and hears what you don't.  Trust her - I do without hesitation."


"Louise has provided guidance and energy healing for me in the past for many years up to present time. I find I sleep the best on each of the nights we have had our monthly sessions. I tend to feel stronger and wear down towards the end of the month just in time for sessions to start again. Louise is a calming influence and can cut through the nitty gritty to get right to the heart of the matter. Although she will tell you how it is in a direct manner to help your cause, she is extremely approachable and truly listens. I thoroughly recommend a session for total health and well-being balancing."


"I have received healing from Lou for a long time now. I am always so grateful for the energy boost! I feel motivated and clear. My children receive healing too. I don't usually tell them that it's coming (at first) because I want unbiased feedback. They have long sleeps full of productive dreams. I have seen Lou, time and time again, show the accuracy, wisdom, gentleness of her connection, and to use her ability to sense for others. Her guidance is gentle and seems so common sense and obvious, you're not being sent on a wild Goose chase over the moon to end up purchasing 5 more items from her. She is sincere. She has lifetimes of wisdom."


"Louise has done so many things for me.... She is absolutely one of a kind, she sees and accepts every last bit of you, and leaves you loving yourself a little more. She is the most honest and intuitive person I know, she holds herself to the highest standards and is excellent at what she does. I have had the blessing of her healing many times and I've also witnessed her soul work which is extraordinary on so many levels. I recommend her above all other spirit workers I know but be prepared for the truth, no punches will be pulled!"


"Louise Reason is the most sparkling, kind, and loving soul. The guidance she channels from the guides is always what is most needed for your best and highest good... even if you didn't know it was what you needed! I have absolute faith in her abilities to bring in whatever energies are needed and in her beautiful heart."


"Louise provides a great space in which to provide healing across many therapies. I’ve benefited from super insightful, powerful and healing sessions which have had great impact."


"I have been taking part in Louise's Monthly Healings for a while now, and have always been hugely impressed by her kindness, compassion, insight, understanding, straightforwardness and professionalism.  The individual channelings all have different effects over the ten days, and interestingly different for different people.  However in my experience the effect at the end of the ten days is invariably that I am left feeling calm and balanced. I would have no hesitation at all in entrusting myself to Louise for a one-to-one session, and I would have complete confidence that the result would be exactly what I needed."


"I have worked with Lou on many occasions. From crystal advice to healing, she’s my go to! Lou works uniquely and intuitively whilst connecting with her guides and your energy to heal, uplift and guide you on your path. She’s truly phenomenal at what she does. A truly beautiful soul. "


"I have had a few healings from Louise and they have worked for me on a much deeper level soul level than any others I have had. The messages that have come through have been spine tingling exact and on point for me, things that no one could know, what was going on for me and what to do to help and improve. The other most fantastic thing is that the healing lasts for a month at least afterwards I really find a session from Louise is part of my own self-care and is where I turn to when feeling a bit off."


I had a HUGE epiphany through a past life regression therapy with the amazing Louise Reason, I was absolutly flabbergasted!! ~ it's quite interesting what we carry through from previous lives to our present incarnation & until dealt with & let go it will continue to gnaw at your soul. I am eternally grateful for Louise & Her amazing talent & tool that released me from the "shackles" of a certain issue I had for years & was able to heal & let go... Thank you Lou


Louise Reason

St Budeaux Plymouth PL5 2DQ

email: lou@louisereason.co.uk

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