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Working With Our Limitations

We all have limitations, they take many different forms but we all have them. For me the vast majority have been due to physical issues. I have had to adjust and readjust many times the things I can and can’t do and when I can and can’t do them. I’m not doing to lie and say it has been an easy journey but I can honestly say that embracing my physical limitations and working with them rather than against them has made all the difference to my life.

There was I time I would fight everything, I would ignore the messages my body was trying to share with me and carry on regardless. I thought it was the only way but I was wrong. Fighting every minute of every day is exhausting. Yes you might achieve your goal but was it worth it? Did that thing you struggled so hard to do actually have to be done right then? Was it worth the fight or could you have taken a little longer and found a way to work with rather than against yourself, because let’s be honest here the only thing you are fighting is yourself, not the task you are trying to achieve. You may be fighting your body or your mind but most likely it’s a combination of the two, either way it amounts to the same thing, you are fighting you.

I can hear you muttering “but I need to do this or that” and yes I agree whole heartedly some things we just have to do but others we can either delegate, defer or find another way. Work with rather than against yourself my friends, choose your battles wisely and remember its ok to choose the path of least resistance every once in a while.

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