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Who Are You Inspired By ?

We all have people who inspire us on so many levels but how often do we stop and say Thank you… With family and friends it should be easy and I’m glad to say that I have always made a point of letting people know how much I appreciate them but what about all the people that we don’t personally know but have been inspired by none the less. This post is my way of doing just that. This is my THANK YOU to three ladies who have helped change my life but don’t even know who I am….

The first of these three magical women is SARK Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy. I was in so much pain one day while I was waiting to pick up my then 7 year old son from school that I needed a distraction. I was parked near the local library and as books have always been my escape from the world I decided to drag my weary bones inside to look for a little inspiration, and that is exactly what I found. I was slowly looking around when I saw the spine of a book called “Eat Mangoes Naked” The name intrigued me but to be honest it was the rainbow colours of the writing that really attracted me. The book looked like something I would write. I’ve always had a bit of a thing for rainbow pens and stationary.

I just about devoured that first book and knew I had to own it. After an online search of SARK and all of her work, I bought every book I could find and have been a super fan ever since. I love how she writes, I love how she thinks, I love the colour and rainbows in her work and I love how she makes life’s tragedies seem like something we can all learn from, that we can experience but still be whole, still be OK. SARK’s work still makes me feel the same way as it did on that first day 12 years ago. She helps people look at life differently and for that I am most grateful.

I was reading a blog post from SARK one day and she mentioned Leonie Dawson. Leonie had an eBook on sale and SARK had recommended it. The first thing that struck me was that like SARK Leonie’s work was full of rainbows and joy. I decided to look up Leonie and knew straight away that I had found another magical woman. I bought that eBook and have been buying her Life and Biz workbooks ever since. I soon joined Leonie’s academy and was a member up until very recently.

I always feel inspired when I connect with her and her work. There is no shield up around Leonie, she shares from her heart and is always mindful that people need to see the crap stuff life throws up for her as well as the joy. What you see is what you get and I adore that.

Leonie is closing her academy soon and has shifted her focus to individual courses and needless to say I have bought and loved each one, in fact I bought one today that starts in October “40 days to create and sell your e-course” So watch this space for a fabulous new creation. Leonie is a fabulous teacher and works in a way that keeps me focused and inspired. She gets s**t done and when you learn from her you do too.

Last but by no means least we have Kerry Rowett. Kerry is a Kinesiologist in fact she is Leonie Dawson’s kinesiologist. I found Kerry not long after I signed up to Leonie’s newsletter. Kerry was mentioned in one of the blog posts and I was instantly intrigued. I had heard about Kinesiology but didn’t know a huge amount about it so off I went to see what this lady and her work was all about. What I found was total inspiration. Not only did I love Kerry I was also extremely drawn to her work and I knew deep down that I had to investigate further.

I was already qualified in several holistic therapies but I felt there was something missing. Something that would help me tie everything together so that I could finally feel ready to start my own business. I spent the next three years studying kinesiology. It was worth every second of effort. It took me a few more years than I had originally planned to start my own business but I got there in the end.

Through all of those years SARK, Leonie and Kerry continued to inspire me. A lot of time has passed since I first found the book Eat Mangoes Naked but I have never forgotten the impact it had on me or the magical ladies it lead me to. Thank you SARK, Leonie and Kerry you have all played such a big part in my life even if you didn’t know it.

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