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What we project out into the world makes a difference.

At times such as these it is even more important that we feel into that statement. In a world where information can be transmitted all around the world within seconds it is imperative that we think about how easily fear and panic can be transmitted in the same way. Who we are and what we do to either help or hinder others comes sharply into focus in times of need.

The virus that is everywhere right now both literally and metaphorically has the capability to bring out the best in people and also the very worst. I understand the fear that people are experiencing and why. As someone who works with energy and believes with 100% conviction and faith that we are energy and as energy beings we are eternal, I have the luxury of not fearing the ending of this body in this lifetime but as a human being who is in the “high risk” category any fear that I might have would of course be centred around my family and at times like this our family is everything.

So let’s run with that for a moment and consider what we as individuals consider to be our family. Obviously we first think of our children, partners, parents, siblings and extended blood relatives but is that it. Are we able to care only for these people, our “blood” or is there more to the word family than that. I have friends that mean the world to me in the same way as my traditional family does. Does that mean that because they are not my blood relative that they are less than in some way? I am not asking this question of you from a place of judgement, I am asking it from a place of love in the hope that you might ponder for a moment.

Sometimes we need to look at the bigger picture. Life can’t always be about our own personal kingdoms. I urge you to think bigger when it comes to the word family. We are all blood relatives, we are all part of the same human family and at times like these we all need to consider that fact just a little more than we might usually do.

So what will this “High Risk” 45 year old woman be doing in the middle of all of this chaos and uncertainty? I will be right here doing as I always do and shining my light as brightly as I can in the hope that I can help you shine a light into the darkness too. The only difference

is that I will be making every effort to shine even brighter than usual and I will be staying home while I am going it….

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