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My Quest for Super Hero Hair

When I found my first grey hair I was 11 years old and I remember feeling mortified that someone might notice so I did the usual thing and pulled it right out of there ASAP. As you would expect, not only did it grow back but it brought some friends with it too. So I went from being mortified by one grey hair to being horrified by about 10. I begged my Mum to let me dye my hair so that no one would see, I had enough problems at school as it was so drawing even more attention to myself was the last thing I wanted or needed but my age was against me and I got a resounding no as my answer to that question.

Fast forward a couple of years and my few grey hairs were starting to turn into a grey streak. Was this streak hidden somewhere inconspicuous? Well of course not, it was right on the top of my head and as my hair was long it flowed down the side of my face. I hated that streak so much that after a lot of persuasion I was allowed to use a wash in wash out colour as long as it was my natural shade. I was elated and my grey streak stayed covered via my wash in wash out hair colour until I reached about 15 years old by which time I had far more than a 1” grey streak. My weak little hair colourant just wasn’t up to the job anymore and so that was the moment I started my 30 year adventure with permeant hair dye.

Over that time I have changed my hair colour many times. I get bored quite easily and so a different hair colour was an easy way to change things up. Each time my colour would start to grow out there would be more and more grey and as the years went by what was once grey began to transition to a mixture of silver and white with a bit of grey thrown in for contrast, but all I could see was the roots and for a long time that’s just the way I wanted it.

More recently I have been on a mission to allow myself to be me. Wanting to see what my hair looks like naturally is all part of that, so why was I still hiding my hair? Each time I was due to have my hair dyed I would look at my natural colour and slowly I began to fall in love with what I was seeing. What I would look like without the dye? Would I look old? Would it make me look paler than I already do? Would I look ill? Would I actually care if any of those things turned out to be the case?

In the end it was my health that helped me decide that now is the time. Finally I’m at a place where I am ready to embrace all of me and that includes every single hair on my head. Five months ago I began my quest for Super Hero hair or at least that’s what I like to call it. It’s going to be a long process as at this point I’m not prepared to cut my hair short so right now my hair is a mixture of natural and dyed. I’m the first to admit that the growing out phase is not my favourite one, but just like anything in life the end result will be worth the yucky stage in-between. I’m not promising to never dye my hair again, if I dislike the end result then at least I’ll know and there will no doubt be the odd wash in wash out pink or purple streak because… I get bored easily remember

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Super Hero Hair The Story So far...



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