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Healer Heal Thyself

This saying popped into my head last week and has been whizzing around in there ever since. “Healer Heal Thyself” on repeat over and over, a sure sign that I need to speak up and share. I know what you’re thinking “she’s going on about self-care isn’t she” “not that again, everyone one talks about that” and of course you’d be right everyone does “talk” about that but are they actually doing anything about it. I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of having fabulous intentions and then falling at the first hurdle, the first moment you just can’t fit in that meditation session, or have to cancel that massage you had booked and just never got back into the routine of it all. I am guilty as charged and know every excuse, I’ve used them all myself many times before.

A couple of years ago I was at breaking point, I felt like I was constantly wading through mud and getting nowhere fast. I knew that I had to take some time for myself. As a sensitive I was taking on other people’s junk and not differentiating between my “stuff” and their “stuff” it was all too much. In the end I was forced to take action or risk really loosing myself. I spent many months steadily building a daily routine that I could fit into my life. I started to take notice of the signs and signals that my body was sending my way. Messages that I had been ignoring for so long were now front and centre. I had no choice but to listen and make changes, the only other option was complete burnout and I couldn’t allow that to happen.

It was at that point I began to think about the fact that we are all healers in one form or another. Yes I am a healer in the traditional sense of the word but I am also a mother, a partner, a friend, hopefully the kind person who will do their best to help others and I am very grateful to say that most of the people I encounter are the same. We are all doing our best to keep our shiz together while we live our lives and do the best we can for our family and loved ones, but are we remembering our own needs. Are we aware of the fact that we are healers within our own little worlds as well as in the world at large, our energy has an affect not just on our own environment but it radiates out and causes ripples that can make a huge difference both good and bad depending on what we are sending out into the world, and as such we need to focus on our own healing, our own needs, to be able to effectively help others and make a positive impact no matter how subtle we need to help ourselves first. How can we hope to be the best we can be if we don’t treat ourselves at least as well as we do others.

I’ve come a long way in the last few years, I am hyperaware of what I need and what I really don’t. I know what I have to do to maintain balance and be aligned to my purpose, to who I am, but I’m the first to admit that on the odd occasion I forget everything and go into shutdown mode. That’s fine, it happens. I soon figure out what’s going on and get back on track. I urge you to tune into the energy of “Healer Heal Thyself” and see what this means for you. We are all healers and we all have to take responsibility for our own self-care first and foremost. It’s the only way we can be the best version of ourselves and who wouldn’t want to be that person?

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