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Be Your Own Cheerleader

Part of my job while working with clients is to be their own personal cheerleader, without the actual pompoms you’ll be glad to know. This is especially true for my coaching clients but I have found this aspect of my work is becoming more and more needed so I started to wonder why that is. Why do so many people need someone to tell them how, talented, gifted, kind, worthy etc. they are. Isn’t this something that we should all be doing for each other and more importantly for ourselves?

It seems that many of us have forgotten the fact that we need to believe in ourselves. We need to work on our own personal cheerleading skills and start to silence the inner voice that brings doubt to our minds.

I know this is difficult for many of us but I bet if you think about it you know someone who is a master at self-belief. Someone that has complete faith in themselves and their abilities. So here’s the thing, what do you actually feel about those people? Do you smile and appreciate their enthusiasm or do you cringe a little and wonder how they can dare to be so brazen. Be truthful when you answer this question even if you don’t like the answer you get.

The truth of the matter is that how we feel about anything is our own “stuff” and has nothing to do with anyone else. If you react negatively to people who you can see truly believe in themselves whether that belief is justified in your eyes or not then maybe, just maybe you need to look deeper at the issue YOU have. I realise that some people take things to extremes and can just come off as arrogant so of course I’m not suggesting you become that person but what would it look like if you could muster just a little more self-belief.

How would it feel if you could tell yourself how amazing you are, what a kind and generous soul you are or even go as far as to say, “I really love myself unconditionally” and actually believe it. Go on give it a try, practice being your own cheerleader. Say the words and in the end I promise you will start to believe them.

I am Louise… I love who I am… I trust my intuition… I am kind and generous… I am of service to others… I am a warrior woman… I am absolutely fabulous… Start shaking your own pompoms beautiful people. I have faith in you, it’s time for you to have a little faith in yourself.

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