Do you have a dream that seems as far away now as when you first thought of it?

Have you been blocking yourself from moving forward in life?

If you are truly ready to change and finally get stuff done
- then a series of Life Coaching sessions could be exactly what you need.

As your coach I will be asking you the hard questions about what you want from life
and just as importantly what you don’t. I am here to enable and help you find the right solutions.

I will help you see how the way you are reacting to situations and life events is actually blocking you from achieving. Together we will formulate an action plan of “Baby Steps” to ultimately help you reach your goals.

My job as your coach is to help you see given situations from different perspectives and
encourage you to open up to the possibilities that come your way when you are actually
prepared to take the needed steps.

Sessions are conducted via Skype or Phone and last for approximately 1 hour

£50 per hour

30 Minute sessions are available to existing clients who have previously
had at least one hour long consultation.

£25 for 30 minutes


Louise Reason

St Budeaux Plymouth PL5 2DQ


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