Balanced Life Weekly Healing 

Healing modalities, energies and symbols personalised to your highest good are channelled into a chi ball. Set with the intention to activate automatically while you sleep.

Imagine a bubble full of all the magical energy you need most to create balance and peace in your life… a chi ball of love. Balanced life weekly healing allows the opportunity to give ultimately whilst keeping the sessions affordable for all.  I will be taking on a very limited number of clients each week for these sessions.  

Seven sessions ~ starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday  - £15 per week

Please note: no more than every other week is advised for these sessions to allow the body to assimilate the healing energy. 

Soul Connections Healing 

We all live through traumas big and small and these traumas have an effect on our energy system breaking connections and blocking flow.  We begin to lose contact with who we really are and can find ourselves locked into a state of limbo just going through the motions of daily life. Often we forget that everything we experience in life has an effect on us both mentally and physically.

A soul connection healing session allows me the opportunity to look at your energy system and reconnect any areas of broken connections. So allowing energy to freely flow once more. 

Imagine fibre optic channels all lit up and glowing, energy is flowing freely and the information being passed where it ‘s needed.

A short audio report will be created after your healing session is complete detailing any insights I am given during the channelling process.

Via Real Time Call In Method or Chi Ball - £50

Healing Card Chakra Balance

Imagine having over 4000 different healing energies at your fingertips all ready and waiting to create perfect balance within your energy system.


Your whole system is scanned and healing energy cards intuitively selected. These energies channelled into seven chi balls are programmed to activate on prearranged times and days.


A short report will be created detailing your chosen energies and any insights I am given during the channelling process.

£50 per session

Guided Healing Sessions

These sessions are designed to take you on a journey to a place where you will be able to relax completely and absorb the healing energies I channel on your behalf. You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire to enable me to write the perfect journey for you taking into account your likes and dislikes and any places or situations you find most relaxing.

Do you want to swim with Dolphins, relax in the sunshine on your favourite beach, or maybe even fly with Dragons. Your imagination is the only limit. Guiding you to your chosen destination is a perfect way to ensure that you are ready to receive your healing session. Once the healing is complete you will be guided safely home.


These sessions will take 30 minutes and are available via Skype and Phone

£25 per session


Louise Reason

St Budeaux Plymouth PL5 2DQ


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