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I became aware at a young age that I could instantly see and feel within any situation the truth of things. I thought everyone experienced these same feelings and for a while this was very confusing. I often found that what a person was saying wasn’t even close to what they were actually feeling. I couldn’t understand why people would lie and found connecting socially difficult. Feeling the emotional and physical pain of people around me I desired nothing more than to make physical contact, to touch them, hold their hand and take that pain away.


 I began researching, reading everything I could find that might explain what was happening to me. I came across words and labels that described exactly what I was experiencing. Words with explanations that felt right... empath, sensitive, intuitive. I have always disliked labels so decided to embrace what I always just referred to as my “Weird” and so began my journey of self-discovery.


 In my late teens I started to experience extreme physical pain and had developed several other physical issues. It took many years to truly understand the root causes. For a while I felt so lost but I’m stubborn and knew I had to find a way to live with my new reality. 


I learnt everything that I could in the hope of making my everyday life better... hypnosis, meditation, nutrition, yoga, spiritual healing, an endless list of knowledge. I started to notice the connection between emotions and our physical bodies, and how one can affect the other so profoundly. That connection became a passion and I made it my life’s work to learn all I could. 


Balance in all things plays such an important part in my ability to be able to function. Balance between mind and body, as well as the spiritual and physical world. I strive to live a balanced life and to help others achieve that balance within their own lives.


 Over the years I have earned practitioner qualifications in some truly life changing therapies. Therapies that not only helped me function at a level I didn’t think possible but also enabled me to help many other beautiful people travel through their own personal healing journeys. They have allowed me to hold their hand and help make them feel better.


I am Louise and I embrace my oh so weird yet wonderful world with all its ups and downs.
I look forward to helping you embrace yours. 


Louise Reason

St Budeaux Plymouth PL5 2DQ


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